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Thank you for your feedback. Our team is looking into this situation and will update this response with more information as we get it.

I ordered my master spa in august under the false pretenses that it would be delivered to me in 3 months and that it would require no chemicals. In December I started a 3 month long run around on the phone calling master spas about the whereabouts of my hot tub, to always be told we will call you back.

To never be called back. By February (6 months past the day I ordered and double the amount of time I was told Id have to wait) I started to threaten to file a claim with my credit card company.. finally last week (mid March) my hot tub arrived. I open the info that I was never presented with (owners manual) to find out Im going to need just as many chemicals as I would with any other hot tub and there were absolutely no perks or reasons to go with master spas.

If I had known I would be treated this poorly and lied to I would have never wasted $10k on a hot tub that came over 4 months after the promised date.

Absolutely horrible customer service with every ding person at mast spas. The only decent person during the entire ordeal was the delivery guy and he was a contractor.

User's recommendation: Go with any other company. These people are liars.

Location: New York, New York

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