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Hi there! We’re so sorry to hear that you are having issues with your spa. Looking back through our email and call records, we don’t see that we had any previous contact with you – so you were most likely talking to your dealer, and unfortunately with contact information we were given we weren’t able to find any registration information for your spa. However, we do still want to make sure you’re able to fully enjoy your spa, so we are going to be having one of our corporate customer care representatives reach out to you to see how we can help. Thank for the honest feedback – we appreciate it!

I've spent the past few days worried and searching for answers. I've spent over a $1000 on an electrician for this company to continue to ignore my issues..

I called and was brought to tears by a staff member who was so rude and talked down to me and left me so hysterical that my husband had to call and try to resolve the issue.the terminal block on my masterboard is faulty. I know this because i have called out two different companies to check out why it won't work. Your company says its the wiring... i assure you it's not.

All i want is answers and help. I went with this company because it was American made and known for its customer service i don't know who to contact or what to do.

I just bought my tub one week ago and I'm getting told you guys can't help me. Can someone please make this right

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