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Hi Debra. We're so sorry to hear that you're having issues with keeping the water in your spa balanced. Although we understand that chemical maintenance can be tricky at first, it definitely shouldn't be too difficult to keep the water clear. Based on the information you've provided, it does sound like there could potentially be a chemical imbalance or maybe the Eco Pur filter needs replaced. I reached out to the people who sold you the tub and they've let me know that they have tried to reach out to you several times about getting these issues resolved for you and are unable to get ahold of you. They would be more than happy to personally come over to aid and assist in troubleshooting the water chemistry issues if that would be helpful. You might find that our YouTube channel ( is a good resource for learning more about chemical maintenance as we have many videos there pertaining to that topic. As far as the warranty, your sales contract reflects that you do have the extended warranty. Again, we apologize for the inconvenience and hope we can help get this issue resolved for you soon.
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I owned a Sundance spa and after 20 years it started having parts problems and I couldnt replace the old wooden shell, so I went to a spa show in Houston and purchased a master spa at over $8000 . I shouldve done my homework.

We rarely use the spa because your filter system is just to small and inadequate. If I dont check the chemicals or spa clarity on an at least every other day basis your filter system just doesnt keep up inspite of the fact no one is in the tub. The chemicals will be right on the money but the water will be cloudy or recently a green tinge. I have the chemicals professionally checked and its not the chemistry.

Its the filter system. Your filter is 1/4 the size of the filter that was in my Sundance that I only had to maintain on a weekly basis. Ive had to drain and refill this spa so often just so we can have clear water that my water bill is astronomical. For some reason when you get in the spa when the wTer might be clear and all chemistry is spot on , when you turn keys in the water gets so milky that you cant see your hands or feet in the water.

Your product is really substandard and if I hadnt paid so much for it Id junk it.

My Sundance was a superior product to this . Your salesman told me that due to your great technology the filters didnt need to be as large. Bologna. I now spend hours maintaining or trying to maintain water clarity and hundreds in water.

Your spa also doesnt allow me to set my own filter times , so I have to sit out there for hours turning the jets on until chemistry gets right or so filters can work linger to clear the water.

Plz dont tell me Im not using chemicals properly because even the pros Ive had out tell me chemicals are good but unit just not filtering well.

If I ever get rid of this hunk of junk Ill be sure to go back to Sundance.

Oh and when I bought this I was promised a 3 year extended warranty buy have never received my paperwork showing I have it . Ive requested it over and over from your store in Conroe Texas.

User's recommendation: Don’t buy.

Monetary Loss: $8000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Location: Montgomery, Texas

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